Firstly YAY it’s wedding dress time (the most important part of course 💓)

Here’s a few common FAQ that might be helpful…..


Is there a charge?

Our fittings are ALWAYS FREE! We don’t believe you should have to pay to find your dream dress


Can you bring people with you?

OF COURSE! Ideally around 3-4 people is great but we can definitely accommodate a few more if you like it just depends how many opinions you want 🙂


When should I start trying dresses?

We see most girls about 6-12 months out from the big day, this gives you time to order and get alterations done.


Can you come earlier than that to try on?

Of course, whenever you’re ready but please be aware you are very likely to fall in love with a dress and have your YES MOMENT so make sure you bring the right people with you to be part of that and if you’re not quite ready to find it then perhaps just wait a little longer (we know how exciting it can be and patience is hard)


How do we book a fitting?

Head to to book your fitting with us. If you can’t find a day/time that suits please call or txt Kirsty on 0273503931 and we will do our best to accommodate you outside of of standard hours. Our Saturday’s book out quite quickly so it’s best to book a few weeks in advance if possible.


I’m feeling a little nervous at the thought of trying dresses, is that normal?

It definitely is but rest easy knowing we are all about having LOTS of fun! There is no pressure to buy at all, it’s all about the journey to find your dream dress and when you have that YES moment you will know ❤️.


How many dresses can I try?

As many as you like, we allow approx an hour and a half for your fitting so you get to try lots of different styles and then retry your favs.


Are you allowed to choose dresses to try on?

Of course!! When you arrive we encourage you to look through the dresses, touch the fabrics and select a few that you’re drawn to. We will of course give you plenty of other options as well that we think might look great.


What sizes do we stock?

We have a great selection of dresses, in fact we have OVER 500 DRESSES INSTORE WOW and stock size 4-32 samples. Yes that’s right we don’t just stock small sample sizes, you get to try so many dresses in your actual size including at least 80 in our curve collection!


Can you bring wine and nibbles?

Silly question – we encourage it! 🥂🧀🥐

We have the glasses and plates etc so yes please feel free to bring along a wee picnic and enjoy it with your bride tribe.


Are you supposed to know what style you want?

Not at all, it’s absolutely fine to have a few ideas but come open minded to try lots of different styles. Truth is so many girls walk out in the complete opposite of what they expect.


What do I bring?

No bras required, our designers are so clever that everything is built in so no bra – WINNING!! Nude high waisted underwear is great if you have it but don’t stress if you don’t that can be done after you choose your dream dress 💓 Also if you have shoes you’d like to try with the dresses feel free to bring them along but if not we have plenty of shoes to try instore.


What are are our price ranges?

Our new collections range from $2000-$5000 but we always have a fantastic range of dresses in our “Off the Rack – Limited Edition” collection from $500-$2000, you don’t have blow the budget to look incredible!!


Do we have payments plans?

Yes we have layby available. It’s 70% deposit to order your dress and you have 10 weeks to pay the balance. We can also help you to build up your deposit before ordering if you have time.


How long does it take to order my dress?

Ordering time for wedding dresses is approx 16-20 weeks depending on brand. Bridesmaids, ballgowns and flowergirl dresses take approx 4-8 weeks.


Are alterations done in house?

So many of our brides are from all over the country so let us know where you’re from when you see us and we can recommend a Bridal alteration extraordinaire.

We are very excited to now have the amazing Sue Hill in our building available for alterations, she is extremely experienced with our gowns and is so super lovely!


Do we love our job?

Hell yes!! We are lucky enough to have one of the best jobs in the world! How could you not when you get to make people feel beautiful every day! We unfortunately live in a society these days that makes us question our bodies and how we feel about ourselves. To be part of that moment when a bride to be looks in the mirror no matter of her shape and size and falls in love with herself again, she feels absolutely gorgeous for sometimes the first time in a very long time that is something very emotional and rewarding. You choose your dress with your heart, if you feel a million dollars, sexy and confident then that is your dress and we feel extremely privileged to be a part of that 🥰


We can’t wait to meet you 💓

Kirsty & Team Etcetera xx